Musical Fun – Vanessa


I was lucky enough to attend two trial visits to a Baby/Toddler Music class with my 8 month old son. The songs and rhymes were very easy for the children (and Mums) to learn with great dance moves which are a lot of fun. They each had a turn to play the instruments which my son had a great time with. The mixed ages of the class that we attended was great as the younger ones watched and learnt from the older children. The session finishes with the teacher reading a book and then the children have some quiet wind down time reading books with Mum. The parents also use this time to write in a journal what new things their child learnt in the class that day. The teachers were great with the children and clearly love what they do. It is a great program and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to start their child's musical adventure.

My 11 month old child and I really enjoyed attending this class. The class was welcoming and very interactive allowing children to play and explore music through a variety of mediums. There is plenty of repetition allowing children to feel relaxed and comfortable. Everyone gets a turn to try out different musical instruments as well as the opportunity to enjoy the class responding in physical movement to their playing. I found the teachers responsive to the needs of the children and kept them focussed by constantly changing the tasks, thus enhancing the children's opportunity to learn. It was a treat to hear and see a violin being played, enthralling the little ones.

We loved the class! – Nicolette

My 13 month old son and I were lucky enough to attend two trial sessions of the Suzuki Early Childhood Music program. It is a wonderful, structured program based on the Dr Suzuki method. There is lots of repetition of songs and lines within songs, which allows the children enough time to pick up what is happening and start to join in. This was something I could notice even within the same session! All of the children who attended seemed to love the program and you could tell those who had been there the longest really were able to respond well to the different elements. My son's favourite parts were where he was able to play the instruments, which all children were given an opportunity to do. The session concludes with quiet reading time of lovely rhythmical books and an opportunity to document in a reflective journal the new things you have noticed your child being able to do on that day. I would recommend this course to any new parent with an interest in music and growing your little ones potential!

A musical adventure! – Jessica

This is a beautiful class to share with your child. My 20 month old son absolutely loves it. Each week I see more and more enjoyment as he learns the songs and joins in with all the actions and playing the instruments. At home, he loves to listen to me sing the songs we have learnt or listen to the CD. The class is very well organised and provides a lovely, nurturing environment. The teachers are very supportive and enthusiastic when working with both the parents and children, and are quick to notice when your child does something new. I feel this class provides opportunities for my son to develop in many areas including fine and gross motor, language, social skills and of course it is a wonderful introduction to music.

Wonderful class – highly recommended By Trish