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Emma O'Keefe B.A, B.MUS, Dip. Ed. (Primary) is an Early Years Music Educator and ‘Cello Teacher specialising in the Suzuki Philosophy of teaching. She has a Bachelor of Music degree in ‘Cello performance (UWA), a Diploma of Education (Edith Cowan), and is an accredited Suzuki Teacher Trainer in ‘Cello and Early Childhood Music with STEAA(WA).

As a student, Emma studied with Jill Cole and Michael Goldschlager. She and was a member of WAYO and the Australian Youth Orchestra’s European Tour in 1988. As a professional cellist, she has played with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra and various orchestral and chamber groups both locally and overseas. 

Emma is Director of the Grow With Music program, which offers group music classes for newborns, babies, toddlers and their parents, and cello tuition, providing rich and exciting learning and development opportunities together with families. Emma has been working with young children through music for over 20 years. Many of these children have graduated and moved into the Suzuki instrumental studio.

Emma co-ordinates and delivers professional development and training opportunities for our Suzuki Early Childhood Music and ‘Cello Teachers. She is committed to the promotion of quality education and care in the early years as supported by the National Quality Standard and the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (COAG, 2009) in the nurturing context of the philosophy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.

Jenny McCormack Dip Perf .Music, Amus A (flute), Teacher of Suzuki Flute, Piano and ECE has been playing the piano since she was 8 and the flute since she was 13. Jenny completed a Diploma of Music Performance at WAAPA followed by undertaking flute teaching positions at Perth College, Wesley and MLC as well as teaching flute and piano from home.

In 1992 she was introduced to the Suzuki Method of teaching by a flute colleague and immediately fell in love with the teaching methodology and philosophies of how ‘Every Child Can Learn’ and ‘Ability Develops Early’. Her two (now adult) children both learnt instruments through the Suzuki method.

She read about the Suzuki Early Childhood Music Programme run by Emma O’Keefe in a Suzuki Talent Education Association of Australia (WA) newsletter, attended her first workshop with Dorothy Jones (founder of Suzuki ECE ) in 2003 and has been hooked ever since, completing her Stage 3 (Intermediate) training in 2009.

Jenny started Music Time for Babies and Toddlers in North Beach in 2005. She loves working with all the young children that come through the doors and seeing the look of delight on their faces – whether it is the look of wonder when they hear an instrument for the first time, a shy smile when they take their first steps across the circle, seeing their concentration and focus build up over time or their sense of achievement when mastering a new skill. She also enjoys the interaction with parents, seeing them grow with their child along their musical journey and the sense of community the classes develop.

Apart from taking Early Childhood Education Music Classes, Jenny teaches flute and piano at her home having Suzuki Primary Accreditation in both instruments.
Another aspect of Suzuki Music that she enjoys is the continual learning and professional development that Suzuki teachers undertake knowing that there is always something new to learn!

Jenny McCormack

Susie has been involved in the Suzuki community since she started the violin at age six. She completed a degree in music education at the University of Western Australia and went on to teach violin, classroom music and various ensembles at Iona Presentation Primary School.

The birth of her first child attracted Susie back to the Suzuki community when she enrolled him into the Suzuki Early Childhood Program. Not long after she completed her Primary Accreditation in Suzuki Violin and began studying as a partner teacher for the Early Childhood Music program.

Currently Susie teaches violin in her private studio and works as a Partner Teacher at Grow With Music. She also has three children studying Suzuki music - two play the violin and the youngest plays the cello.

Susie Endersby

Elizabeth’s involvement in Suzuki Early Childhood Education began when accompanying her two nieces and sister in law to Grow With Music. Eleanor, her youngest niece, started attending in-utero. Elizabeth had the privilege of hearing the very first words from Eleanor in song! It was the lullaby 'Bye M' Bye' (from the Suzuki repertoire) that she had been singing to Eleanor regularly, often to soothe her.

Inspired by her Suzuki experiences and passion for music, she then became qualified as a Partner Teacher. She began working with Jenny McCormack at Music Time for Babies and Toddlers and in 2010 completed her Masters of Education (Early Childhood) and also began working with Emma O'Keefe at Grow With Music.

Elizabeth finds it a joy to be involved in young children’s sense of awe and wonder, openness, playfulness, imagination, creativity, and their developing sensitivities towards others. What attracts her to the Suzuki approach is that it fosters the crucial child/parent/teacher relationship, and teaches music but at the same time embraces the total development of the child. It is apparent to her that regardless of whether these children go on to become musicians, they (and we) have benefited in so many ways and been given such a fine foundation from which to grow.
Dr Suzuki’s guiding principle:
“character first, ability second”

Elizabeth Murray

Sheryl is a Suzuki ECE music educator and a primary accredited Suzuki piano teacher. After completing AMEB 8th grade piano and 5th grade theory, Sheryl went on to study and embrace the Suzuki philosophy.

Sheryl has developed and offers two programs for graduates of the Suzuki ECE classes. It is called The Twinkling Star program and is available in two stages, with Stage 2 being a natural progression from Stage 1.

This is an option for families who intend to start an instrument but would like more time.

These two programs explore the keyboard for 1/2 an hour then are followed by 1/2 an hour of percussion activities that are relevant to Suzuki Piano Book One.

Sheryl's music programs are all taught in a home studio which is a rural property five minutes from the town of Busselton in the South West of WA..

Sheryl Manning

Claire runs Suzuki ECE classes in Margaret River in the South West of WA.

Claire Timmons