Transition-to-Instrument Program

Many graduates of our Baby/Toddler Music and Preschool Music programs continue their musical experiences with instrumental study with a Suzuki teacher.

Our teachers at SECE(WA) know how important it is that the first experiences of instrumental study are positive ones for both child and parent. Our Baby/Toddler Music and Preschool Music classes lay the foundations for subsequent instrumental study. In addition, SECE(WA) offers a number of different events and materials to help ease the transition from the early childhood program into the instrumental studio.

The SECE(WA) Handbook is accessed through the Member Zone and contains detailed information about our program, including the instrumental possibilities beyond Baby/Toddler Music. It is strongly recommended that parents take the time to read through the Handbook upon registration to help them make the most out of their time with us, and to refer to it regularly in order to facilitate a broader perspective of the wider Suzuki program.

Quarterly Newsletters
Sharing of information about our program and philosophy is vitally important in ensuring mutual understandings and establishing strong and positive relationships between our teachers together with parents and their children. Our SECE(WA) Newsletters are accessed through the Member Zone available to all families in our program. In addition, all families in our program, as members of our State Suzuki Association, receive a copy of the STEAA(WA) Newsletter. This publication contains photos, events and news related to our instrumental programs.

Sunrise Mornings
Performances by young Suzuki instrumentalists, aged 3-6, on violin, piano, flute and cello, are held twice a year, usually in June and November. These informal concerts are the ideal opportunity to see 'in action' the musical possibilities available through STEAA(WA), our state Suzuki Association.

Family Concerts
Held every two years. These concerts run just like a giant baby/toddler music class and provide the opportunity for you to connect with other families in our program.

Instrumental Playgroup
For children who have just begun an instrument providing the opportunity for them to come together and play their instrument together with others. The session also involves afternoon tea and outdoor play. Younger siblings are welcome (BYO woodblock!)

Parent Evenings
Establishing strong partnerships with parents is highly valued at SECE(WA). We run two sessions for parents to further support their involvement

1. 'What to expect from your time at Suzuki Music' - an orientation session explaining what we do in class and why, the importance of daily home listening to the class CD 'Lullabies, Action Songs and Rhymes' (sung by Taryn Fiebig) and further information about the Suzuki approach to teaching music to young children.

2. 'The Early Suzuki Experience'- a session for families with children approaching graduation from either Baby/Toddler Music or Preschool Music classes. This session explains the process involved in starting an instrument with a Suzuki teacher. Discussions often centre around questions such as 'Which instrument should we choose?', 'How do we find a teacher?', 'What is the time and cost commitment involved?', 'What is unique about a Suzuki instrumental program?'