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Frequently Asked Questions


This Suzuki Early Childhood Music programme is unique for several reasons.

We believe that:

  • every child has a huge potential and can learn from a very early age, including from before birth
  • the parent is the first, most important teacher of the child
  • each child develops at his/her own rate and each step forward, no matter how small, should be celebrated
  • a set repertoire with layering of more complex skills forms the basis for further skill development

We know that:

  • children learn from one another and respond most effectively in environments with children both younger and older around them,
  • a calm, rich environment with plenty of adult modelling and repetition is necessary for learning to take place,
  • gentle, positive encouragement produces better results than coaxing or pushing,
  • a regular routine of listening to the CD at home will foster familiarity with the songs and rhymes sung in class and result in quicker active participation and sound language development.

For Parents


Baby/Toddler Music
(newborn to 3 years old)

Preschool Music
(3–4 years old)


Prenatal Listening
(for expectant Mums)

(for our graduates)

Playgroup & Preschool
(Suzuki Early Years Learning Centre)