Suzuki Early Childhood Education

Western Australia

We are a committed group of Suzuki Music teachers specialising in the area of Suzuki Early Childhood Music Education. We offer nurturing group music classes for newborns, babies, toddlers, preschoolers (aged 0-4 years) and their parents following the philosophy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. Many young graduates of our program continue with instrumental study in the Suzuki studio. Our early years program supports the transition to the instrumental studio for these graduates.

Classes provide opportunities for musical, social, emotional, cognitive, language and physical development based on the key Suzuki principles:
  • Ability develops early
  • Every child can learn
  • Environment nurtures growth
  • Success breeds success
  • Parental involvement is critical
  • Encouragement is essential
  • Children learn from one another

Our teachers believe in the principles, practices and learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (2009) and use them to guide and support their work in the provision of a quality early years music education program that nurtures and respects the strengths and potential of each and every child together with their parents.

A great deal is being discovered about the importance of nurturing listening and attention skills in the very first years of life. Music is recognised as the best tool to assist with such development. Researchers and educators have found that environments rich with music develop quality learning and communication skills in very young children. Through music, children not only grow and develop musical skills but become focused, sensitive, caring, disciplined and self-confident. They "smile more, communicate better and show earlier and more sophisticated brain responses to music", according to a recent Canadian study lead by Cognitive Neuroscientist, Dr Laurel Trainor.

McMaster Research with Suzuki Babies 2012 McMaster Research with Suzuki Babies 2012 (275 KB)

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Baby/Toddler Music
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Preschool Music
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Prenatal Listening
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(for our graduates)

Playgroup & Preschool
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