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Programs & Events

Suzuki Sunrise Mornings (June and November each year)

Twice a year, SECE(WA) runs a wonderful concert especially for our young families. All performers are Suzuki students aged 3-6 years. Some have been learning for a while, others have only just begun. Some are graduates from our Suzuki Early Childhood program.

This event provides a relaxed opportunity to enjoy delightful performances by very young people and helps to give you an idea of what is possible through the early musical experiences you have already begun with your child.

There are items on violin, cello, piano and flute. There are also items by our Preschool Music classes and a special Baby/Toddler Music item for everyone in the audience to join in. This item is usually practised in class and at home over the preceding term.

Suzuki ECE Family Concerts (every two years)

This concert runs like one giant Baby/Toddler Music class with several circles of parents and children lead by teachers through a sequence of our favourite songs and rhymes. Family and friends are invited to attend and get a taste of what we get up to in class throughout the year!

The concert includes an item by graduates of our Baby/Toddler and Preschool Music classes who have recently begun an instrument as part of our Transition-to-Instrument program.

For Parents


Baby/Toddler Music
(newborn to 3 years old)

Preschool Music
(3–4 years old)


Prenatal Listening
(for expectant Mums)

(for our graduates)

Playgroup & Preschool
(Suzuki Early Years Learning Centre)